General & Family Dentistry
in Brookfield, CT

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Howard Levitt provides a range of family dentistry services in Brookfield, CT. Call 203-775-2225 to learn more and schedule an appointment.

Dr. Levitt offers dental care for the entire family, from toddlers to adults and every age in between. Our family dentistry services include:

Comprehensive Evaluation / Oral Examination

An oral examination is a visual assessment of the mouth, head, and neck. Radiographs are used for a more thorough evaluation, allowing Dr. Levitt to diagnose cavities, problems in existing dental restorations, gum and bone recession and other oral health issues.

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Dental Cleaning

Dental cleanings are usually performed in conjunction with your comprehensive oral evaluations. Also known as an oral prophylaxis, this treatment involves the removal of dental plaque and tartar (calculus). An ultrasonic device is used to loosen larger pieces of tartar, then hand tools are used to manually remove smaller deposits and smooth the tooth surfaces before they are polished to remove stains.

Custom Mouth Guards

Mouth Guard

Many sports require participants to wear mouth guards to protect their teeth from injury. A mouth guard covers the gums and teeth, providing protection for lips, gums, teeth, and arches. A custom-fitted mouth guard is more effective in reducing the severity of dental injuries than one-size-fits-all versions.

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Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing is a non-surgical treatment for gum disease. Specialized dental instruments are used to remove plaque and calculus from below the gumline, then the roots are smoothed to help the gums heal and reattach, closing the periodontal pockets.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy removes infected or inflamed pulp from the tooth chamber. The inside of the tooth is cleaned and shaped before being filled and sealed to reduce the risk of future infection. After the root canal is performed, the affected tooth is restored with a dental crown or filling.


Extracted Tooth

A tooth that cannot be saved through restorative dentistry may need to be extracted. The tooth and surrounding tissue will be numbed with anesthesia, then the tooth is loosened from the jawbone and ligaments using a gentle rocking motion. Once the tooth is loose, it is gently removed with forceps. Stitches may be necessary after an extraction procedure.

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Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are made of a safe, non-toxic resin material that is applied to the teeth to prevent cavities. The sealant material fills in the crevices of a tooth to protect it from cavity-causing plaque and tartar. Dr. Levitt will prepare the teeth for sealant application, then the sealant is painted directly onto the chewing surface of each tooth. Sealants are painless, effective, and completed in one office visit.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a mineral that helps strengthen teeth and prevent decay. Fluoride treatments, which can be applied as a gel, foam, or varnish, are an important part of pediatric dental treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Dentistry

What does family dentistry mean?

Family dentistry means that we provide dental care to optimize oral health at every stage of life, from the toddler years all the way to the golden years! You’re never too young or too old to see a family dentist.

Is family dentistry a specialty?

Family dentistry is not a dental specialty like orthodontics or periodontics.

How do I choose a family dentist?

There are many factors to consider when looking for a family dentist. Is their office located near your home? Does it have hours that are convenient to you? Do they offer the treatments you need? Look at reviews, credentials, and experience in order to find the right fit for your family’s needs.

What are the benefits of family dentistry?

Many parents appreciate being able to take their entire family to the same dental practice. This makes getting dental care simpler, and allows you to build a strong relationship with your dentist so their office truly feels like your dental home.